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Drew Launay is the author of 56 books with subjects ranging from domestic trauma, psychic thrillers and erotic humour to non fiction on luxury foods, antiques, history, and travel as well as stage plays and scripts for films and television.

Born in London of French parents, he was educated in England, finished in France and escaped the pressures of London to write full time in Spain.

First married to a serene English fashion model he was divorced then married to a fiery, footstamping, mad as a sombrero Andalusian. From both he gained a great deal of valuable material and experience of life.

He is the father of three sons, Nick Launay a famous record producer, two in the film business, and Melissa Launay a successful illustrator-artist daughter.

His work has been reviewed as:

  • Shrewd artistry, skilfully crafted
  • Acidly witty
  • Told eloquently without clutter
  • Cleverly constructed tales that successfully combine dry British humour with Hitchcockian suspense
  • In the USA he was labelled as "The spine chilling master of occult horror"

Drew Launay

The Drew Launay Collection is published under several names:

The Drew Launay Book Collection of best sellers will grow to 20+ books over the next year providing highly entertaining reading on mobiles, readers and desktop devices and in print.

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